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Nirav Pandya

Nirav Pandya

Our relationship Bayshore Interactive has benefited me and my company beyond expectation. The process that Bayshore presided over helped transform our IT infrastructure from being unreliable and flakey to rock solid where our engineering team has no issues.

Before Bayshore Interactive was under contract, our engineering team had to maintain our network which constantly took time away from completing high priority projects and giving our customers the attention they deserved. Bayshore was able to remove the heavy load from the shoulders of our engineering team and address it themselves. This allowed our engineers to focus on what they do best! The Bayshore team was extremely professional and extremely focused on getting our network and IT infrastructure stable and secure.

Recently, our office moved and Bayshore managed the entire move for us from the IT perspective. They handled our new phone system as well as making sure our new network was stable and secure. This relieved a tremendous amount of stress for us because we knew everything was going to work when we got there. All we had to worry about was getting all of our furniture and equipment there.

Now, Bayshore is always ready to help us whenever we need them. They are only a phone call away and they are always very quick to fix any problem that we may have. It does not matter how big or how small the problem is, Bayshore fixes it extremely quickly! They are a great extension to our staff and they are very pleasant to work with. I would recommend Bayshore Interactive to anybody company that is looking for reliability in their network and an expert team to manage the entire infrastructure for their office.