Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization with a Business Continuity Plan.

Your organization’s data is mission critical. In the event of a primary IT system failure, can your organization trust that its onsite backup solution will work the way it should? Even if you do trust your onsite backup solution, what will your organization do in the event that its IT systems are physically damaged due to flood, fire or some other calamity?

Ensure that your organization has access to IT resources.

Bayshore’s Cloud based data Backup and Disaster Recovery services are designed to ensure that your organization has access to its important files in the event that they are needed. Our Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution starts out by backing up critical data onto an on premise network device which is then replicated into our datacenter. With this approach, your organization can quickly restore files and folders from the local backup device or the cloud.

Concerned about the security of transferring your data to and from the cloud? You should be!

Bayshore uses complex established encryption algorithms that are effectively bullet-proof–either Blowfish or AES. Without the decryption key (in other words, the password which only Bayshore has), the files are inaccessible once they leave your network.

Recovering from an Incident or Disaster

In the event that your onsite backup fails, our Cloud Backups are designed to meet your Disaster Recovery needs. Our dedicated team of experts will setup, configure, and monitor all backups. We will test backup images regularly to ensure that they are working properly. In the event that your organization needs to recover from a disaster or data loss we will quickly and effectively restore your data.

Data Backup & Recovery

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