December 27, 2021

Top Tech Trends 2022

Technology is one of the most rapidly developing fields, and every year seems to bring about new advancements. It’s impossible to predict what exact technologies will become common in the near future, but it’s reasonable to expect that some long-established trends will continue. A few trends seem so inevitable that they may well define the field by 2022.

One of the most certain advancements will likely be a shift to automation. This has been going on for decades, but that process is accelerating as the costs of digital assistants and other automated systems drop. Other developing fields could become integral parts of daily life in 10 years, such as biotech and nanotech.

Cyber Security AI

Cyber Security Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) will get a boost in their development due to the rapidly increasing need for them by 2020. Cyber Security is one of the fastest developing areas, with even more threats and attacks than we can currently mitigate.

The global cyber security market grew from $78 billion in 2015 to $122 billion in 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.5%. Security spending will continue to advance faster than average over the next five years, with firms continuing to invest more on Cyber Security services in order to protect their security infrastructures and sensitive data against cyber criminals. AI technology is also vital in the protection of information systems, as it gives advanced data processing capabilities, which allow for an early detection of attacks and a quicker response to them.

In 2020, cyber criminals will be using AI technology as well, posing further challenges to security firms. The number of attacks involving machine learning is expected to grow by 200% within three years alone. However, much like in the case of cyber security, AI will also help equipment manufacturers to develop advanced protection methods.

AI systems are not only able to predict attacks, but can also be used for deep learning by companies in order to predict customers’ behavior and monitor devices (analyzing data received from connected devices). They can also help to speed up malware detection by recognizing patterns in huge volumes of data, this will be the main goal of companies’ AI development.

Cloud Tech

By 2022, cloud technology will become more user-friendly. Cloud-based systems are already used by most businesses and individuals because of their ability to store large amounts of data in an accessible way. As the demand for faster speeds and better quality continues to increase, cloud storage costs will continue to decline due to their attention as a marketable commodity. Cloud-based technologies traditionally do not offer as many features as traditional computing. However, this is beginning to change as improvements and new functions are being added regularly.

Cloud tech is the future of technology, where all companies and individuals will store their data in mass datacenters on the cloud. Data centers are already incredibly advanced, but as computing becomes ever more important to managing our society, they will have to become smarter. Using IoT sensors for example would help them predict problems before they happen which could increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

In two years, everything will be stored on the cloud. When you need to work from home, all of your data will follow you, giving you access to everything that was previously in your office. If companies don’t want their information up for grabs they’ll have to invest in the latest technologies that make this data private and secure.

No more memory stick maintenance or cloud updates to worry about. Everything will be stored in a datacenter that ensures the technology is always up to date, plus your data will never go missing.

Blockchain And DLTs

As we look to the future and what it might hold, there’s one thing that’s for certain: technology is advancing at a rapid rate. What was once considered science fiction has now become reality. While some would argue that this can be construed as a bad thing, it does open up the possibility of new technologies further down the line such as time travel. However, if we were to consider the world as it stands now and what technology is dominating the current landscape, then Blockchain is probably one of the most important and life changing technologies that we’re currently faced with.

Blockchain technology is all about digital information that’s stored on a decentralized network, meaning that there’s no chance of that information being lost or corrupted. Records are kept on a public ledger which is visible to all members of the network, meaning that it’s completely transparent.

The demand for more security will continue to increase rapidly in the coming years. Blockchain technology, an online transaction database with an emphasis on increased safety, is currently used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchain technology can potentially be applied to a wide range of industries, including finance and healthcare. In 2022, blockchain technology will likely have a more mainstream presence with an emphasis on increased security features for mobile devices and online platforms.

2022 is likely to be the year that DLT begins to live up to its potential. Distributed ledgers will play a key role in helping businesses unlock new value from cross-organizational collaboration, interoperability and process reengineering, as well as radically improving security – against both malicious attacks and accidental data loss.


Automation and its many forms has been a prevailing topic of discussion in the tech industry. Trends have shown that automation will continue to evolve and become more widespread over the next few years, from industrial robots to self-driving cars. In fact, a recent study predicts that the AI market will grow exponentially in the next several years. This growth is expected to revolutionize how we live our daily lives.

As technology has expanded, so has the role that humans will play in the workplace. While many speculated that advancements in automation would lead to job losses, research shows that this is not necessarily true; with proper training and education, future workers will be able to work alongside these technologies with minimal fear of losing their jobs. With so much of the normal, everyday work being taken over by machines, humans are able to concentrate on more valuable and innovative projects.

Machines are great for doing repetitive, laborious tasks – which is perfect when paired with human thought and creativity!

The tech industry, in many ways, has become an essential part of our lives. It can be difficult to imagine a future without the internet or smart devices , but experts predict that in 2022 it will be nearly impossible to function without these technologies. These technologies will continue to advance in the coming years, working in tandem with humans in various fields to better benefit society .

Technology and the world is constantly changing very quickly. It is important to keep in touch with these changes and adapt, instead of holding onto old technologies and ideas too long. In 2022, it is important to keep up with the trends, so you are prepared for what might come. Stay tuned into Bayshore Interactive’s website to learn more about technology related news.


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