April 11, 2022

How To Stop Scam Texts On Your Phone

Scam texts are text messages that are designed to trick you into giving away your personal information or money. They might claim to be from a well-known company or organization, or they might look like they’re from someone you know. Scammers use many different types of scams, but some common ones include:

-Offers that seem too good to be true

-Asking for personal information

-Threats or intimidation

-Promises of free gifts or prizes

If you get a scam text, do not respond to it. Delete it immediately. Do not click on any links or attachments, and do not give out any personal information.

If you are receiving scam texts, there are a few things you can do to stop them. First, you can block the number that the texts are coming from. To do this on an iPhone, go to your Settings app and tap on Phone. Then, scroll down to the Blocked section and tap on Add New. From here, you can add the number that is sending you scam texts.

Another thing you can do is report the number to your carrier. This will help them to keep track of numbers that are sending scam texts and take action accordingly. To do this, you can reply to one of the scam texts with the word “STOP”. Your carrier should then be able to take action.

Finally, you can also report the scam texts to the Federal Trade Commission. This will help them to track down the people who are behind the scams and take action against them. To do this, you can go to their website and fill out a complaint form. Be sure to include as much information as possible, such as the number that the texts are coming from and any other relevant details.

If you’re receiving scam texts, remember the best thing to do is to block the sender’s number. You can also report the texts to your cell phone carrier, and they may be able to take action against the scammers. Finally, make sure to never respond to any of the texts or click on any links that they contain. By taking these steps, you can help protect yourself from becoming a victim of a scam.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you to better understand how to protect yourself from scam texts. Remember, if you ever receive a suspicious text, the best thing to do is to simply ignore it and block the sender’s number. Stay safe out there! And stay tuned into Bayshore Interactive’s Blog for more information on how to stay safe online.

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