October 15, 2021

Insanely Cool Gadgets Selling Out In 2021

As we all know, technology is advancing at a very fast pace. Existing and new concepts in technology are being explored and researched by both engineer types and scientists alike in order to bring us the next big gadget or device . Right now, there are many advancements out there such as holographic touch screens , electric cars, home automation systems; but it seems like none of these could become mainstream soon enough (or maybe they already have). So, what’s the next big thing in tech?

Infinity Orb

Technology is constantly changing the way people live their lives. Sometimes, this means new gadgets are created to make our days more efficient or enjoyable. One example of a new technology that has only recently come out is the Infinity Orb, which magnetically levitates and can be wirelessly connected to via Bluetooth. The orb itself will light up and react to music or other sounds around it, and the user can control the volume and lighting by swiping their finger across the top of the orb. Another use for this speaker is to place your finger on top of the orb, which will play your voice so you can record yourself talking and play it back anytime. This technology has endless possibilities.


The SafetyCam is a device that looks like a normal USB drive. It records constantly so you never miss an event, and its small size allows for easy use by anyone. The SafetyCam is one of many new gadgets that are changing the way people do things nowadays.

The SafetyCam is a new device that looks like a normal USB drive. What the camera lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in features. For example, you can see and speak to someone on your computer screen as if they were right there with you. The camera records constantly so that you never miss an event. If your computer ever gets stolen, the video will be available to use as evidence. Due to its size and quality, the SafetyCam is perfect for people who work with home offices or children. Parents will especially enjoy the added security, as it allows them to check in whenever they want.

Dartle Type 

The Dartle Type is a new device that allows you to type on almost any surface, even mid-air. With the small projector inside it will project your words onto whatever surface the laser pointer is shining on. It can be hooked up to most devices with USB capabilities and has an internal battery, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time.

The LASERpointer acts as a TRACKpad for this device, allowing users to select text or move through menus simply by moving their finger over the appropriate place on the glass window of the laser pointer. Once you are done making selections you can simply “click” their finger away from the glass window (which registers as if they were touching a physical button) and continue typing whatever text they are typing into whatever application that is open.

The Dartle Type also comes with a small touch pad that can be attached to virtually anything due to its magnetic backing, allowing users to easily have both hands free when working.


The InfinitiKloud is a new technology drive available in different storage capacities to suit your needs. There are 8 gb 16gb 32gb 64gb 128gb 256gb available for purchase online . You must have a Usb 3.0 port , 2.0 ports are not compatible. This makes a great gift for loved ones who need extra storage space. You can find them in stores like Walmart and Best Buy if you’re looking for a great deal. Also look online at amazon and Ebay the price may vary greatly. One side of the flash drive has a blue LED light, controlled by a switch, which glows when plugged in, so you know it’s working properly – very convenient. It is compatible with both PCs and Macs. It also comes in several colors: gray, pink, red, green, silver, and blue.


Consumers and audiophiles alike can now enjoy luxury, high-performance headphones without breaking their wallets. BurstAudio’s unique technology allows users to save money while still experiencing the same sound quality that other headphones offer. This brand-new company has created three different types of headphones: XS for everyday use, Pro for the professional, and Diamond for those who want to look as good as they sound.

BurstAudio headphones work through a patented algorithm that increases audio quality without raising the price. The company does this by improving existing technology rather than introducing new components and hardware.

Phone Magnifier 

The Mobile Phone Magnifier is a great way to make sure you can read text displayed on your phone with ease, whether it is an incoming call or message. Unlike other magnifiers, this one uses optics and projection technology instead of mirrors, which provides a bright image without batteries or bulbs.

You can use it as a hand-held magnifying glass by applying the lens towards the object you wish to see and moving it around until everything is in focus. Or, if you prefer, you can also stick the adhesive pad on any flat surface and place your phone on top of it while using the built-in stand for hands-free viewing.

 Technology is continuously changing the way we do business, communicate with one another, and stay informed about what’s going on around the world. Which of these gadgets piqued your interest? Share with Bayshore Interactive on social media. 



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